There are several different types of marquee's that you can use. I will show you a number of examples. Keep in mind, that marquee's will slow the animation of gifs considerably. When animated gifs and marquee's are used together, both will run slower. Also, when two marquees are placed to close together, they will drag considerably. I have used large vertical spaces on this page to separate the marquees so that you may witness their true effect. Keep scrolling down for all the examples. I should also mention that WebTV and Microsoft's Internet Explorer both read marquee codes, but they are ignored by the Netscape browser.

This is a standard marquee!

<marquee>This is a standard marquee</marquee> This Will Bounce Back And Forth

<marquee behavior=alternate>This Will Bounce Back And Forth</marquee>
This one scrolls to the right

<marquee direction=right>This one scrolls to the right</marquee>
Here you control the size

<marquee width="33%">Here you control the size</marquee>
Ths is the same only centered

<center><marquee width="33%">This is the same only centered</marquee></center>

The same marquee on the right

<marquee align=right width="33%">The same marquee on the right</marquee>
This speed has been adjusted to a faster speed!!!

<marquee scrollamount=7>This speed has been adjusted to a faster speed!!!</marquee>

You can add a scrollamount speed to any marquee code.

You can change font styles and colors using standard font commands, but be sure that the <marquee> and the </marquee> are the tags adjacent to the marquee text. Put all font commands prior to the <marquee> tag, and put your </font> tag after the </marquee> tag. You can also enclose your marquee in tables, as long as you follow the above rules concerning the marquee tags.

Here is an example of a marquee enclosed wihin a colored background.

~ ~ ~ ~ Have Fun ! ~ ~ ~ ~

<font size=6 effect=emboss><hr><marquee behavior=alternate scrollamount=6 bgcolor=purple> ~ ~ ~ ~ Have Fun ! ~ ~ ~ ~ </marquee><hr>

Here is an example of marquee's being placed too closely together. Notice how slowly they are moving.

This is a test
This is a test
This is a test

The above marquee is actually two marquee codes side by side. Here is the code that will make this work.

<center><font size=6 color=cyan effect=emboss><b><marquee width=50% behavior=slide direction=right scrollamount=10>WELCOME TO MY</marquee><marquee width=50% behavior=slide scrollamount=10> HOME PAGE!!!</marquee></b></center>

Now Practice What You Have Learned

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